What is ATLAS?

Atlas is a retelling and reinvention of Lewis Carrols classic books Alice In Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass. This coming of ages story is rooted in dance, circus spectacle and incredibly in depth narrative. Through Alice’s journey she comes into contact with strange and fanciful character that teach her the importance of life, love and wonder. Alice is brought into Wonderland by the reading of the book itself as it comes alive around her. Alice follows the white rabbit through Wonderland in pursuit of capturing time and seeing her father one last time.

Where has ATLAS been?

Atlas was created at Muhlenberg College while the Atlas Circus team were still completing their undergraduate degrees. It was developed as part of the Muhlenberg College Theater and Dance Departments 2015 spring main stage season and designed specifically for a standard proscenium style theater venue. The production Sold Out a 4 show weekend run and was the first circus production of its kind to combine theater, dance and circus arts in a narrative platform.