What is WILD?

WILD is a family friendly and immersive production for all ages. From young children to the adults everyone will walk out in love with this story and its characters. The show invites you into the world of the jungle and the life of a young boy who runs away from home and into the wild and unknown. There he meets spectacular creatures that run free and unrestricted by the rules of the world living on fun and excitement alone. The boy experiences adventure, friendship and freedom with the company of his jungle mates until he decides to return home to his mother and father. Taking inspiration from Where The Wild Things Are, Peter Pan, and other tales of childhood adventure this production is sure to sweep you off your feet and into a whole new world of adventure.

Where has WILD been?

Wild was created for Muhlenberg College’s summer theater season and is currently being developed as a traveling or residency production for a new space. The company is looking for interested venues, producers, and presenters looking for a family friendly production to bring to their audiences.